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Real Time Remixed

9 Canadian producers reimagine songs from New Chance's 2021 album, Real Time

Releases November 5, 2021

with Remixes by: 



Petra Glynt

Bile Sister



Vibrant Matter

Prince Nifty

Lee Paradise

photo of New Chance by Yuula Benivolski

wearing dress by Buzz

layout by Victoria Cheong

Mastered by Heather Kirby

Dreamlands Mastering

We Are Time



Real Time Remixed is a digital companion to New Chance’s debut album, Real Time, released in July 2021 by We Are Time. For this project, Toronto’s New Chance (a.k.a. Victoria Cheong) reached out to a select group of genre-straddling artists and producers to reimagine nine of the album’s songs. As a remix artist herself, New Chance viewed the collection as an opportunity to cede control, allowing musicians she admires to manipulate the sounds largely created on her lonesome.


“It’s so fun to have other people remix my music,” says New Chance. “It’s like a present when they send the songs back to me. Sometimes artists feel controlling about everything that comes out under their own name. There can be rules about what people are allowed to do, but I gave everyone complete free reign. That’s what I want when I’m doing a remix.”


Mirroring the eclectic nature of the original album, Real Time Remixed contains a wide variety of sounds and approaches. Bile Sister’s thumping take on “Two Pictures” is immediately ready for the dancefloor, while Lee Paradise, LAL, and Vibrant Matter smooth out their songs into laid back grooves fit for the chillout tent. Lido Pimienta and Caribou collaborator Prince Nifty pitches up New Chance’s vocals on “Fallen” until they resemble deconstructed PC Music. The most radical reinvention is Pelada’s “Time Treat Me Right” remix, adding to the single vocal line in the original song with entirely new Spanish-language lyrics delivered by singer Chris Vargas with signature electro-punk aggression.


“Most of us come from the world of DIY shows as well as that of performing DJ sets in nightclubs,” New Chance concludes. “Everyone is a multi-genre multi-instrumentalist, and that’s an interesting reflection of the community where I’m coming from. None of us really fit in one place, but that’s what brings us all together.”


- Jesse Locke


is the experimental synth pop project of sonic explorer Laura Dickens (Toronto/ Ottawa).

She recently released the EP Hot Summer Trash on Biblioteka records in 2021.






is Toronto's eclectic producer (soulful house, techno, dub) and dancefloor mainstay Evan Vincent. He released the EP, Wave Science on Pacific Rhythm in 2021 and the self-released EP, City of Rooms in 2020. 


IG @_emisiv

FB @emisiv



is the solo electronic avant-pop project of Alexandra Mackenzie (Montreal). 

She recently scored the Canadian/ Hollywood dark thriller, Wander (2020). Her last LP, My Flag is a Burning Rag of Love was released in 2018 on Pleasance.


IG @petra_glynt_world

Twitter @PetraGlynt

FB @petraglyntmusic



is the solo project of eccentric, multi talented producer Julie Reich (Toronto). She is also a member of Body Breaks, who released the microtonal exploration Bad Trouble in 2021 on We Are Time. 


IG @bilesister

Twitter @BileSister

FB @bilesister 



is the downtempo electronic duo of Toronto veterans and “Brampton/Bangladeshi queer weirdos” Nic Murray and Rosina Kazi. They recently released the LPs,  Meteors Could Come Down (2020) and Dark Beings (2019)


IG @lalforest

Twitter @lalforest

FB @Lalworld



is the Montreal dance duo of producer Tobias Rochman and vocalist Chris Vargas who craft “urgency infused industrial anthems for contemporary resistance”. Their most recent release is Movimiento Para Cambio on PAN (2019)


Mutek bio 


is the cerebral techno project of prolific Toronto Drummer Kieran Adams (The Weather Station, Diana). He recently released a solo EP, Boomerang on Halocine Trance.


IG @kikigramz

Twitter @KaVibrant



is Toronto's Matt Smith, known as a mixing engineer and producer (Lido Pimienta’s Miss Colombia, 2020) and a remix artist (Caribou, Suddenly Remixes, 2021). He has an EP forthcoming, Interplanetary Machines on Vancouver label, Second Spring.


IG @princenifty

Twitter @PrinceNifty

FB @princeniftybook



is the dystopian dance-punk project of Phèdre's Dan Lee. He released a solo LP, The Fink, on Telephone Explosion in 2020.


FB @dayniel.lee

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