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Victoria Cheong aka New Chance
Select Collaborations in Dance and Performance:


2023. Leap (of Faith), choreography by Jenn Goodwin and Sarah Doucet

          Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (Toronto)

          Composer, original score


2022. One Hundred More, choreography by Justine Chambers and Laurie Young

          Scotiabank Dance Centre (Vancouver) Agora de la Danse (Montreal), Arts Court (Ottawa)

          Live music performance, Sound design


2022. Diana Ross Dream, performance by Aisha Sasha John

          Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto) and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines (Montreal)

          Composer, original song(s)


2020. Harbinger, choreography by Ame Henderson *cancelled touring due to Pandemic*

          Live music performance, Composer, original score


2019- Rhythm is a Dancer (research phase), directed by Jenny Laiwint

2020  Composer, original sonic response to improvised movement and scores.  


2019. HEAT, performance by Aisha Sasha John

          Images Festival, The Costume House (Toronto)

          Live music performance, Composer, original score


2015- Rosé Porn, multi-disciplinary dance show, choreography by Zoja Smutny. 

2018  Presented at Dancemakers (Toronto), Art Gallery of Ontario, Night Gallery (Los Angeles), Darling Foundry (Montreal)

          Live music performance, composer, original score


2018. A Study on Collision and Empathy, David Norsworthy & Justin DeLuna

          Can Asian Festival (Toronto)

          Composer, original score


2016. A Waving Line

          PS We are all Here, Geary Lane, Toronto

          Solo performance in collaboration with video artist Peter Rahul


2016. TDT House of Dreams, choreography by Alicia Grant

          Toronto Dance Theatre (TO)

          Comissioned DJ Mix with original compositions


2015. Out of Season, choreography by Ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin (Public Recordings)

          Croatia (Istrian National Theatre, Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb Dance Centre) Ottawa (Canada Dance Festival)                          Montreal(Usine C)

          Live music performance, composer, original score


          Forever is a Place

          Flowchart, Dancemakers. Toronto

          Live Music Performance as part of performance work with Allison Peacock. 


2014.  Reality V

           Flowchart, curated by Amelia Erhardt. Intergalactic Arts Space, Toronto

           Doored, Curated by Life of a Craphead. Double Double Land, Toronto

           Solo performance and installation


2013.  Zebra, performance by Allison Peacock

           SODA MFA, Berlin

           Composer, original score


           Another Thousand Mountains, choreography by Barb Lindenberg

           The Music Gallery, Toronto

           Musical Director, Composer, Original Score, with Jennifer Castle & Isla Craig


2012.  Hanging Out, Holding On

           A Month of Sundays, curated by Aimée Dawn Robinson. Halo Halo, Toronto

           Solo performance and installation


            Faith Trust Love

            Double Double Land, Toronto

            Performance and installation, collaborative project with Allison Peacock


            Fire on the Water, choreography by Aimee Dawn Robinson

            Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto



2011.   Eyeshadow

            Studio 363, 401 Richmond. Toronto

            Performer, duet with Allison Peacock


2009.   Ic Mastic Gys Rhythm

           Judson Church, New York

           Performer, duet with Allison Peacock

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