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New Chance Astrology

Astrology helps us re-orient and reframe our perception of time and our place in the cosmos. It is an ancient and beautiful system of reading planetary movements in the sky as a kind of symbolic writing that reflects our circumstances here on Earth.  Astrology accounts for and holds space for each and every thing in our experience. By casting a chart we can read the cosmic conversation between planets and make interpretations connecting their symbols and mythology to different areas of our lives. I find that making that connection affirms a sense of purpose and divinity in the (let's face it, tumultuous) circumstances of life.

For the past 3 years I have been formally studying Traditional Hellenistic Astrology, alongside personal studies in archetypal modern astrology and also working as an editor of the very scholarly and wide-ranging podcast, The Astrology Podcast. Suffice to say, it has taken up significant space in my life. Learning about astrology has helped me to make space for every kind of experience, and to discover deeper compassion for the diversity of life.

I am offering 100 readings at a sliding scale: $50-75 CAD per session whilst I gain experience working with clients. Please check out my offerings and booking calendar below.



Natal Consultation: 

Please note: You need to know your accurate birth time, date and location in order for us to work together.

The best place to start. Familiarize with your birth chart, a map of the stars at the time of birth which is read as a symbolic pattern related to the circumstances of material life. If there is time, typically there is some transit reading folded into a natal reading - where we look at the current astrological weather and how it interacts with the birth chart to describe our energetic and material world experience. 

If you have questions about specific areas of life we can look into how those topics show up in the chart, if you have specific dates of events that have already happened we can look into what was happening astrologically at that time as a means of making predictions for the future. You can bring these into a natal reading and we can address them if we have time. Following our meeting, you will receive an audio recording of our meeting as well as a pdf copy of your natal chart.

These sessions are 75 minutes on Zoom. 

Astrological Studio Visits:

Let's talk about your artistic practice or project in relation to your natal chart.

Art in all its forms expresses in ways that map very nicely to the language of astrology. The questions we investigate, our artistic aims and interests speak loud and clear in the birth chart. Astrology can provide a new framework for interpretation and communication about your own work.

These sessions are in-person, minimum 2 hours duration and are rated differently.

Please contact me if you are interested in this.

Email me:

If you don't see a time that works on the calendar.

If you have questions, special requests or proposals.



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